What Is Food Web?

Similarly, What is food web in simple sentence?

Food web definition. energy and nutrients are passed on via a network of food chains or feeding connections. Food web examples in sentences. 1. The pupils were asked to create a food chain depicting which animals the fox ate and which creatures ate the fox.

Also, it is asked, What is food web explain with example Class 7?

A food web is a web of linked food chains that establish a web of feeding relationships between various creatures in a biotic community. A grasshopper feeds on a plant’s leaves, a frog eats the grasshopper, and the frog is then devoured by a snake.

Secondly, What are synonyms for food web?

food web.food chain.food cycle.

Also, How do you use food chain in a sentence?

How to use “food chain” in a sentence | Examples of “food chain” sentences The overuse of chemicals in agriculture has an impact on the whole food chain. Pesticides go up the food chain from plants to insects and birds, eventually reaching people. Many organisms at the bottom of the food chain are being harmed by pollution.

People also ask, What is mean by food web 9th class?

A food web is made up of many interrelated food chains. A food web is comparable to a food chain, however the food web is much bigger. A single creature is sometimes devoured by a large number of predators, or it eats multiple other species. Many trophic levels become intertwined as a result of this.

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What is food web diagram?

It depicts the relationships between animals in a certain area or environment. A food web is made up of many food chains. This food flow also represents energy transfer from producers to consumers. An aquatic food network differs from a terrestrial food system.

What is food web Brainly?

Food chains are linked because one organism participates in several food chains. A food web is a network that represents the eating habits of various creatures.

What is the opposite of food web?

Noun. The polar opposite of organisms’ feeding connections. UK. disharmony, disorder, and disorganization

What is another word for invasive species?

Any nonnative species that substantially alters or disturbs the ecosystems it colonizes is referred to as an invasive species, also known as an imported species, alien species, or exotic species. These species may migrate to new locations naturally, but they are often introduced through the actions of other species.

What is a synonym for photosynthesis?

Photosynthesis has ten synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic phrases, and related terms, including chemosynthesis, oxygenic, photosynthesise, photosynthetic, chlorophyll, transpiration, respiration, photorespiration, nitrification, and nitrogen.

Why are food chains straight?

Energy flows unidirectionally from the sun to producers and then to a variety of various sorts of consumers in a food chain. In diverse food chains, certain creatures occupy distinct trophic levels.

Which of the following food chain is correct?

As a result, the correct answer is Grasshopper Frog Snake Eagle.’

What is a sentence for herbivores?

a sentence about herbivores Other animals are known as herbivores because they solely consume vegetation. Furthermore, non-native, invasive herbivores are continually degrading their environment. Among them are carnivores, herbivores, and scavengers.

How do you use carbon cycle in a sentence?

A sentence on the carbon cycle Students were able to examine carbon’s effect on the biosphere, hydrosphere, and geosphere after learning about the carbon cycle in science class. The carbon cycle process demonstrates how carbon affects many different levels on the planet.

What is food web class6?

Trophic levels refer to the successive tiers in a community’s food chain. Producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and tertiary consumers are all trophic levels in a food chain. – A food web is a network of interconnected food chains.

What is the most important part of a food web?

Decomposers are essential members of the food chain because they decompose dead plants and animals, as well as waste from other creatures, ensuring a steady supply of nutrients for primary producers.

What is food web explain with example class 11?

A food web is a graphical depiction of what eats what in an ecological community and the natural connectivity of food chains. A mouse eating grain, for example, may be eaten by a variety of secondary consumers (carnivores), who in turn may be eaten by a variety of tertiary consumers.

What is a food web 4th grade?

Food Web: the naturally occurring interwoven arrangement of food systems. Predator: An animal that hunts, kills, and consumes other creatures. Predators hunt for and consume prey animals. Herbivores are animals that solely consume plants.

What is a food web producer?

A producer is a creature that uses sunlight to manufacture its own food.

What is food web 1 marks or answer?

A food web is a graphic that merges multiple food chains into one image, similar to a food chain but bigger. The graphic shows the energy interactions between organisms using arrows.

What type of consumer obtains all of its energy by eating only producers?

Herbivores get their energy from growers. Herbivores are the second trophic level in an ecosystem, above primary producers, and are classified as primary consumers.

What is another word for biomass?

Synonyms for Biomass What is another term for biomass in the Hippo Thesaurus? Biogas is a renewable energy source.

What are synonyms for refuge?

refugeasylum.fortress.haven.hideaway.hideout.hiding place.protection.resort are synonyms for refuge.

What does ecology deal with?

Ecology is the study of the interactions between living species, including people, and their physical environment; it aims to comprehend the important links that exist between plants and animals and the environment.

Are pineapples invasive?

No, no, no. When plants and animals are brought to a new site outside of their natural range, they do not breed, spread, or cause damage. Pineapples and plumeria are two examples of non-invasive imported plants. Alien, introduced, and exotic are several synonyms for “non-native.”


Food webs are the biological interactions within an ecosystem. They are the relationships between organisms that live in a particular habitat or geographical area and how they depend on each other for food, water, and shelter.

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The “food web maker” is a website that allows users to create food webs. Food webs are useful for understanding how species interact with one another and the environment.

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