2018 EBT Food Stamps Dates

Keep up to date with the 2018 EBT food stamp dates so you know when you can use your benefits.

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The 2018 EBT food stamp schedule provides a list of dates when food stamp benefits will be issued to eligible recipients. The schedule is based on the recipient’s last name, and benefits will be issued either on the first or the second Wednesday of each month. Recipients should use the schedule below to determine when they will receive their benefits.

A – D: 1st Wednesday of the month
E – J: 2nd Wednesday of the month
K – P: 1st Wednesday of the month
Q – Z: 2nd Wednesday of the month

What are EBT food stamps?

EBT food stamps are governmental benefits that help low-income families afford groceries. The benefits are provided through a card, similar to a debit card, which can be used at participating stores. Families may also be able to use their benefits to buy food online.

To receive EBT food stamp benefits, families must meet certain income requirements. In 2018, a family of four could earn no more than $32,630 per year, or $2,727 per month.

Families can use their EBT food stamp benefits to buy groceries including:
-fresh fruits and vegetables
-meat and dairy products
-bread and grains
-non-edible items such as household cleaning supplies and toiletries.

How do EBT food stamps work?

EBT food stamps are a federal program that helps low-income families afford food. Families who qualify for the program receive an EBT card, which they can use to purchase food at participating stores. The amount of assistance that families receive is based on their income and family size.

If you are interested in getting help through the EBT food stamps program, you can apply online or in person at your local county office. Once your application is approved, you will be issued an EBT card and will be able to start using your benefits right away!

To find out more about how the EBT food stamps program works, or to see if you qualify for assistance, please visit the USDA’s website.

What are the eligibility requirements for EBT food stamps?

To be eligible for EBT food stamps, you must meet certain income and resource requirements. Your household’s gross monthly income (income before taxes are deducted) must be at or below the following thresholds:

Household Size Maximum Monthly Income
1 $1,276
2 $1,726
3 $2,177
4 $2,627
5 $3,078
6 $3,528
7 $3,979
8 $4,429

How to apply for EBT food stamps?

EBT food stamps can help you and your family buy groceries. If you want to apply for EBT food stamps, you will need to contact your state’s social services office or visit the online portal for your state. You will need to provide information about your household, income, and assets. Once you have submitted your application, you will be able to use your EBT card to buy groceries at participating stores.

What are the benefits of EBT food stamps?

The primary benefit of EBT food stamps is that they provide financial assistance to low-income families who may not be able to afford nutritious food otherwise. In addition, EBT food stamp benefits can be used to purchase local produce at farmers markets, which supports the local economy. Finally, EBT food stamps can be used to buy seeds and plants, which helps families grow their own food.

What are the drawbacks of EBT food stamps?

While the EBT food stamps program provides needed assistance to millions of Americans, there are some drawbacks to the program. One criticism is that the program does not do enough to incentivize work and self-sufficiency. For able-bodied adults without dependents, the program currently requires that recipients work at least 20 hours per week or participate in an approved work training program. However, this work requirement can be waived in areas with high unemployment rates.Critics also argue that the food choices allowed under the program are not always healthy, and that the program does not do enough to encourage recipients to make healthy choices. Another criticism of the EBT food stamps program is that it is expensive to administer and runs a risk of fraud and abuse.

How to make the most of EBT food stamps?

The 2018 EBT food stamps dates are here! If you are on food stamps, there are a few things you should know in order to make the most of them.

First, your food stamps are good for one year from the date they are issued. This means that if you were issued food stamps in January of 2018, they will expire in January of 2019.

Second, you can use your food stamps to buy food at any grocery store or supermarket that accepts them. However, you cannot use them to buy things like alcohol, cigarettes, or pet food.

Finally, if you have any questions about using your food stamps, or if you need help finding a grocery store that accepts them, you can call the EBT customer service number at 1-800-777-7328.

What are some common misconceptions about EBT food stamps?

There are a few common misconceptions about EBT food stamps that often circulate. One is that people believe that they can only use their EBT card to purchase food items, when in fact they can use it to buy other necessities like personal care items and household supplies. Another myth is that people think that EBT food stamps can only be used at certain stores or restaurants, when in fact they can be used at any store or restaurant that accepts major credit cards. Finally, some people believe that they need to have a certain amount of money in their bank account in order to use their EBT card, when in fact the card is linked directly to their food stamp benefits and can be used as long as there are benefits available.


The information provided herein is for reference only and may not be accurate for your specific situation. Contact your local EBT provider for more information.

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